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Our Sustainable Kitchen

At Cooler Cleanse we are committed to improving personal and planetary health. We create our products in the most sustainable ways we can, using organic produce from nearby farms. We believe that supporting local growers is essential to the health of our community—and our bodies, because fresh, ripe-picked local products are higher in nutrients.

Our goal is to produce the most juice and food with the least amount of waste:

  • Our cold-pressed juices are USDA Certified Organic. The organic movement isn’t just about our products and our produce, but also about how we prepare and maintain our environment, and how our vendors are treating their land.

  • We compost the dry vegetable and fruit pulp that we create.

  • Our juices come to you in bottles made of PET #1 plastic, the easiest plastic to recycle. It finds new uses as insulation, furniture and even as new bottles. We ask that you please recycle your Cooler Cleanse bottles.

  • Our Raw Cooler snacks, entrees and desserts are packaged in biodegradable containers made of plant-based materials. Please dispose of these in your regular trash.

  • Our local deliveries are packaged in insulated coolers that are designed to keep your juices chilled. These coolers are then placed into our signature carry bags, which are made of recycled materials. We hope you will use these bags after your cleanse—at the farmer’s market, supermarket or toting things around town! Let’s work together to reduce the number of plastic bags that we use each day.