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Matteo Silverman, chef

Chef Matteo Silverman is an enthusiastic vegetarian and an expert in the art and craft of vegan cooking. For over 15 years, Matteo has worked to put plant-based cuisine firmly in the foodie spotlight and is best known for his weekly New York supper club, 4 Course Vegan, Matteo loves nothing more than bringing people together around exceptional vegan food.

Matteo learned his craft at Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts and top vegetarian restaurants throughout the United States. Matteo brings his fresh vision, innovative combinations of ingredients and delicious, body-boosting food to the Cooler Cleanse kitchen. He is the guiding light behind the diverse menu of meals in our Raw Coolers. Matteo, who has been featured on CNN as well as Time Out New York and Vegetarian Times, uses local, organic, and sustainably grown produce.

“My Raw Cooler meals are the perfect complement to Eric and Salma’s 3- and 5-day juice cleanses,” says Matteo. “They have the same function of supporting the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms. This is gourmet food that everyone, even carnivores, will love. These delicious meals refute the notion some people have that vegan dishes are bland and uninspired.”