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Along with consuming your six daily juices and encouraging elimination, you'll want to do a few other things to make the most of your Cooler Cleanse. While these aren't obligatory, they offer significant support and will help you feel and look your very best-so make the time for what you can.

Get eight hours of sleep a night during your Cooler Cleanse. It’s important to give your body time to restore, heal and rejuvenate. Sleeping more shouldn’t be a problem. You will find yourself naturally winding down earlier in the evening than usual. During a juice cleanse, keep your social schedule light and listen to your body’s needs.

Light to moderate exercise helps your lymph system move toxins through the body to the organs of elimination. Walking, gentle yoga and other non-extreme workouts will help you get the most from a Cooler Cleanse.

Massage and Acupuncture also help to move toxins around and out of the body. Schedule a circulatory or Swedish massage during your cleanse if you can. Massage helps move toxins around and out of the body. Many people enjoy acupuncture to support natural detoxification processes. You’ll get tips about these and more in your sign-up e-mail.