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frequently asked questions


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For how long should I cleanse?
Please see "Which Cleanse is Right for Me?"

How often should I do a Cooler Cleanse?
There is no right answer. Start with one cleanse then pay attention to your body’s needs in subsequent weeks and months. Some people like to juice cleanse seasonally, some twice a year. Others like to do a short juice cleanse or raw food program each month.

What's the difference between cleansing and fasting?
Juice cleansing reduces your digestive system’s work considerably by cutting out solid food but still gives your body and mind enough “liquid food” to function. Importantly, the juices are designed to give your detoxification organs the natural nutrients they need to do their optimal work. Fasting by consuming exclusively water and lemon juice, for example, is harsh on the body as it denies the detox organs the nutrients they need to function.

How many calories are in each juice cleanse?
You will consume approximately 1,000 calories each day during a 3-Day or 5-Day Cooler Cleanse or Juice For A Day. The Raw Cooler menu changes seasonally. Please see our Raw Cooler page for complete nutritional information.

Are your juices raw?
Yes, all of our juices are raw.

Are your juices organic?
Yes, all of our juices are USDA Certified Organic.

Are your juices gluten-free?
Yes, all of our juices are gluten-free.

Are your juices vegan?
Yes, all of our juices are vegan.

Are your juices kosher?
Yes, all our juices are certified kosher.

Is there anyone who should not cleanse?
Yes. New mothers and mothers-to-be should abstain. Those being treated for serious illness as well as cardiac patients on prescription medication should check with their doctors because reducing food intake significantly can alter certain medication concentration in the blood. Diabetics must check with their doctor and should modify cleanses under the supervision of a professional.

We don’t recommend doing the Cooler Cleanse before the age of 18. Children need more calories per day to thrive and grow. It is safer, and smarter, for teens to learn healthy eating habits in a day-to-day fashion instead of doing a detox. However, we’d be delighted to serve them any of our raw juices or delicious raw meals to get them inspired about how tasty “clean” fresh food can be.


When can I start my cleanse?
Cooler Cleanse ships nationally via FedEx Priority Overnight for delivery Tuesday - Friday. We deliver locally in Manhattan seven days a week. We prepare a limited number of juice and raw food coolers per day. Check our calendar for availability and book the start date you want.

Do you deliver throughout New York City?
Cooler Cleanse will deliver to your door if you live in Manhattan or Roosevelt Island as well as parts of Brooklyn and Queens. It can be your home or business, where you can receive coolers at our scheduled delivery times. We have pickup locations in Manhattan for those who live outside the borough. Manhattan residents who can’t be home to receive their deliveries can also use the pickup locations.

How many deliveries/pickups will the juice cleanse involve?
The 3-Day Cooler Cleanse and Juice For A Day require only one delivery of juices on the morning you start. Our hydraulically pressed juices stay fresh for three days after they’re delivered. The 5-Day Cooler Cleanse involves two deliveries, one on the morning you start and one in the middle of the cleanse. Raw Food Coolers are delivered daily.

During the cleanse

How long do the juices keep?
Our juices are hydraulically pressed. They undergo no further processes so no preservatives are added. Our system guarantees the preservation of nutritional content for up to three days after delivery, provided you keep the juices chilled. Upon receiving your delivery, please put the juices into the refrigerator immediately.

Must I drink all six juices each day?
You never have to do anything you don’t want to do! But bear in mind that we have designed programs that provides you with the calories and nutrition you need to make it through your day while promoting your body’s detoxification function. There is a method behind our menu, so please enjoy all the drinks. You will not speed your cleanse by skipping drinks. Likewise with the Raw Cooler, the meals and juices are designed to help you succeed with your mild cleanse and detox. You don’t win extra points by having leftovers.

Can I switch the order I drink the juices?
We recommend you follow the plan we’ve created to help you achieve maximum results. It is best to start with the green juice every morning for optimal nutrient absorption. It’s not the end of the world if you switch things around once or twice, but please start each day green.

What if I get hungry?
This is everyone’s question. There is no getting around the fact that for most of us, hunger is part of a juice cleanse, on some days more than others. Here are our tips for coping with hunger:

  1. Consume your juices slowly and conscientiously. Appreciate each one as a beautiful meal, not as a poor substitute for food. Our raw juices, coconut water, and nut milks are nutritional foods created with care from the best ingredients.
  2. Take a moment to sit with hunger instead of reacting to it. Drink a glass of water slowly. See if you can accept having an empty feeling rather than one of fullness.
  3. Do what it takes to make a commitment to this process. Writing about it, doing your Cooler Cleanse with a buddy, or pledging your goals to friends and family can be surprisingly helpful.

What if I’m craving sweets or snacks on my before or after days?
See if you can watch the craving but not respond to it. These few days of a modified diet help build your appreciation for the juice cleansing process. Make sure you are feeding your body good nutrition—a craving is often a red flag that you are missing protein or good fats. This is a time to get familiar with good-quality alternatives to usual habits, after all. Here's a list of foods to include and avoid before and after your cleanse.

Can I have diet soda or chewing gum during my Cooler Cleanse?
We do not recommend either. This is your chance to go chemical-free. But it is better to chew on a piece of sugarless gum than on a slice of pizza. That said, there are a few other reasons to abstain: Carbonated drinks, even bubbly water, add gas to your system, so herbal tea or flat water are better options. Gum also contributes gas to your digestive system, as well as tricks it into acting as if food is on its way, which is not the case. The point of a juice cleanse is to rest your digestive system, not bait it with false promises.

Will I be in the bathroom constantly?
No. On a detox program, it’s important to have regular bowel movements daily. Be sensitive to your body’s needs so that if you are not having them, you encourage them to happen daily with a supplement. This does not need to be done aggressively. You will be able to go about your day normally!

What if I can’t afford treatments, such as a massage, in addition to a Cooler Cleanse? We’ve found massages enhance the detoxification process, especially during the 5-Day Cooler Cleanse, but they are not essential. If massage is not an option, simply commit to daily gentle exercise. Many people enjoy doing yoga at this time because it gives the internal organs a good boost.

Common Experiences

How am I going to feel on my Cooler Cleanse?
Not everyone responds to a juice cleanse in the same way. Common experiences include heightened energy levels, a feeling of lightness, the shedding of a few pounds, and a new clarity of mind and emotions. Our cleanses are designed to minimize the negative effects that can accompany the removal of accumulated toxins, such as body odor, skin eruptions and bad breath.

It’s not uncommon, however, to have headaches from caffeine withdrawal or hunger, and to feel a bit irritated. On a longer cleanse, you may feel something akin to cold or flu symptoms. All these may be more pronounced if you typically eat a diet high in processed foods. Cleansing can trigger a slight healing crisis as your body rights itself into balance. If any of these symptoms appear, take it easy, let your body do its work and see if you can avoid taking chemical medication.

Will I lose weight during the cleanse?
Those who have excess weight will lose some pounds and notice a distinct reduction in bloating, especially on the 5-Day Cleanse. Those who do not need to lose weight may find that the slower digestive process causes them to conserve energy and want more rest. However, you are continuing to consume nutrients so you will not go into an extreme weight loss situation. If you are concerned, snack on some raw fruits and vegetables. Typically the body finds its own way to balance, so our advice is to respond to its cues.

What if I fall off the wagon and eat food during my Cooler Cleanse?
Try your very best to avoid this—you will slow down the good work in progress—but don’t give up if it happens. Make a note to strengthen your resolve, continue your juice cleanse, and notice what your body is doing.